Healthcare Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Managing Waste, Quality and Cost Performance

This Healthcare Procurement & Supply Chain Management training seminar offers a unique opportunity to the delegates. It is well known how critical for Healthcare is the Procurement supply chain to discover its complexities within a dynamic and complex environment as the new global circumstances form it. Supply is uncertain, therefore developing and maintaining a working relationship with the suppliers is of paramount importance.

As it becomes more challenging, the healthcare environment, entering uncertain periods, requires a new strategic and tactical approach to ensure long-term profitability, inventory optimization, and quality assurance.

This training seminar will highlight the critical points to consider and reassess the approaches with stakeholders (internal and external) in the global market. It will offer best practices and practical applications for the delegates to re-approach and reassess the supply chain to become more competitive and cost-effective.

This training seminar will highlight:
  • The importance of product availability
  • How to create an efficient Sales Level Agreement?
  • Effective negotiation (win-win)
  • Ways to locate and remove waste from the supply chain
  • Tools to measure supply chain performance
By the end of this training seminar, you will learn to: 
  • Re-evaluate and implement effective procurement strategies
  • Negotiate in “win-win” terms with stakeholders
  • Assess Risks in the health supply chain
  • Manage capacity and efficiency in the storeroom and beyond
  • Avoid hidden costs and waste through effective contracts
  • Optimize inventory in a cost-efficient way 
Training Methodology

This Healthcare Procurement & Supply Chain Management training seminar will be delivered by an instructor who has first-hand practical supply chain experience and procurement experience.

The training course will have presentations with interactive practical exercises, supported by video material, games and case studies, and best practices.

Organisational Impact
Organisations will gain benefits by attending this training course: 
  • Efficient negotiation skills for the professionals
  • Improve collaboration with stakeholders
  • Identify and assess risks in the supply chain
  • Find solutions to face challenges in Procurement
  • Apply best practices from the healthcare sector
Personal Impact
Participants applying the learning of this Healthcare Procurement training course will benefit in their workplace and help in their roles: 
  • How to operate efficient relationships with suppliers?
  • How to design new procurement strategies?
  • How to optimize inventory in their storeroom and beyond?
  • How to gain value in the human supply chain?
  • How to reduce costs and retain effective Service Level Agreements?
  • Use a framework for continual improvement 
Who Should Attend?
This course is suitable for a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:
  • Health care institutions (hospitals, diagnostic centers, etc.)
  • Physicians 
  • Healthcare medical staff
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Healthcare suppliers and manufacturers
  • Bahamas 26th – 30th July 2021  @ Nassau Palm Hotel
  • USA Miami 2nd – 6th August 2021 @ SLS Brickell Downtown Miami
  • UAE Dubai  22nd – 26th August 2021 @ Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Waterfront
  • Kenya Nairobi 23rd – 27th August 2021 @ Radisson Blu Hotel, Nairobi Upper Hill
  • South Africa Johannesburg 23rd – 27th August 2021 @ The Capital Hotel
  • Sydney Australia 20th – 24th September @ Crowne Plaza Sydney Darling Harbour
Course content day one – day five
The Role of Supply Chain in Health Care
  • The distinction between traditional and health care supply chain
  • The value-based supply chain management
  • The Importance of the Revenue Cycle
  • Applying the SCOR Model 
  • The E-Business model in healthcare
  • Outsourcing and Insourcing medical supplies
Strategic Procurement Planning
  • Selecting Suppliers – Cost-effective methods
  • Single sourcing vs. Multi sourcing
  • Risk Assessment in decision-making
  • Open buy vs. directed buy
  • Deciding between Cost vs. Quality
  • Measuring Suppliers and the Purchasing Performance
Stakeholders Negotiation and Contracts Management
  • The process of the negotiation


  • Creating a “Win-win” strategy
  • Building effective relationships with stakeholders
  • The components of Contracts 
  • Critical issues in Contracts 
  • How to Retain and ensure SLAs?
Managing Medical Supplies
  • Demand-driven – Inventory Control in and beyond storeroom
  • Applying Technology in the healthcare supply chain
  • Using the EDI System
  • Building Integrated Supply Chains
  • Optimizing Transportation – Receiving – Storage – Dispensing
  • Security and Safety Control in healthcare products
Improving Reliability and Performance 
  • Building an effective Healthcare Supply Chain
  • Process Improvement in Healthcare with Six Sigma
  • The importance of the value stream mapping
  • Implementing Lean Tools in Healthcare – Just in Time / Kanban
  • Locating and Removing Waste in Healthcare
  • Implementing metrics in the healthcare supply chain

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