Leadership Effectiveness For Managers.

Critical Issues Facing Managers:

  • Workforce diversity
  • Change management
  • Employee retention & talent management
  • Emotional intelligence.

Adopt Strategies To Create And Maintain High-Performance Teams, Manage Performance, Embrace Change, And Manage Conflict Effectively.

In this program, you will learn how your own leadership style impacts what you accomplish as a leader. You will acquire the skills and techniques that will help you become the kind of leader that others want to follow.

We will show you how to interpret your team’s mission to its members, guide them through frustrating circumstances, motivate those who feel overwhelmed and torn between your expectations and their other priorities and prepare them to take on new initiatives and challenges.

  • Recognize the variation in individual leadership styles.
  • Employ team-strengthening strategies that help you motivate, inspire, and build commitment.
  • Adapt to change, both as a leader and follower.

Similar to all of our courses, this program content is highly customized to any level, from new to experienced managers.

Blended, stand-alone classroom, eLearning, webinar, Train-the-Trainer