Personal Emergency Planning
DUring COVID-19

Critical Challenges in dealing with Personal Emergency for COVID-19:

  • Following the right sanitization procedures
  • Having sufficient Safety Material.
  • Recognizing the Symptomps of COVID-19

Learn how to prepare for and respond to all the different kinds of emergencies that could befall you including COVID-19.

Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to understand how to prepare themselves for an emergency. Parents who want to prepare for an emergency. Anybody who wants to know how to think about emergencies. Learn the basics of Emergency Management from an individual and family perspective. Identifying types of emergencies. Impact and consequences of emergencies.

  • Developing emergency plans
  • Individually preparing for emergencies
  • Developing personal resilience

Program content is highly recommended for businesses that want to have a personal emergency plan for their staff during COVID-19.

Online eLearning via webinar.