We have helped over thousands from around the world achieve outstanding results through our trainings. Here are the FAQs we are often asked by people considering joining our training programs.

What type of course do I need?

Some people will know exactly what course they need, perhaps based on their job title. For example, sales training, human resources, and leadership courses will be appropriate for people involved in these roles. Other people may not have a specific need and will prefer to mis a few subjects together. Have a look through our courses, and see which you feel most meets your needs and then ring us on 1 800 232 3485 or email us, and we will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

How do I book a course?

Simply fill out the registration form of the training required have it authorized and email back to us

What skills and experience do your trainers have?

Our trainers have a wealth of experience and skills, gained from working for large international companies, training staff from multinational companies.

How can you design a course when you don't know our company?

Each company is different, and has different needs. A “one size fits all” training programme is not our style. We will meet with you to get to know your company, what you do, how you operate and to discuss your training requirements, so that we understand exactly what you need. We will then design a tailormade course specifically for your company, to ensure the training meet your companies requirements.

What happens after the course?

As a minimum, we always provide feedback and post course evaluation so that you know we’ve helped your staff to improve so they can do their jobs better. We can also provide further evaluation in the form of on the job observation and coaching.

As standard for all or our training courses, we offer a free post course email coaching service, to all delegates. We also work with you to identify future training needs.

The sort of course I want isn't listed, can you still offer me the training I want?

We fully understand that each company is different, and so has different training requirements. We can design bespoke training courses to meet your exact requirements. If you want training on a subject not listed, simply ring us on or email us with your requirements and we will be able to create a course to meet you needs.

Is accommodation and transportation included in the training

The answer is no. Training fee only comes with learning material lunch and refreshments. Airport Transfer and accommodation are paid separately

Do i receive a certificate of attendance after the training

The answer is yes.