02 Jun 2020

Tips For Powerful & Empathetic Leadership

When people think about leadership, they will undoubtedly turn to their senior management to provide it. This also means that these leaders have an obligation to set a compelling example by incorporating a set of values, attitudes and practices not only at work, but in their personal lives as well.

This will mould you into the kind of person your employees or peers would like to emulate or follow – encapsulating the very definition of “leading by example”.

There is no one-size-fits-all, pre-formulated pill to effective leadership. However, since much about it can be learnt from emulating others, we examined some of the best leaders in the world to develop the “5 Tips for a Powerful Leadership”.

Practice what you preach

It may sound like a very simple rule, but surprisingly it’s not an easy one to follow. More often than they realise, there are discrepancies between what the management preaches and what they actually do. Such discrepancies might seem insignificant, but could potentially affect the credibility of your leaders and management.

For example, if you preach work/life balance in your company and then set targets that require your staff to work long hours, it comes across as insincere. Or if you stress a “promote-from-within” culture but keep recruiting from outside to fill senior level positions, your employees will eventually lose faith in your leadership.

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